At Ekya Nava, social science education goes beyond textbooks. We believe it’s the foundation for responsible citizenship and active participation in a democracy. Our diverse curriculum offers unique perspectives on social structures, and environmental challenges. Additionally, the program fosters cultural understanding and respect, appreciating the richness of human experience.

Learning Area Purpose

The Social Science Program equips learners to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of society and human-environment interactions.
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills, enabling students to analyse issues and perspectives within their historical and social contexts.
  • Become empowered to make informed and responsible decisions that contribute to the collective good.

Key Learning Experiences

Igniting a passion for learning

Our meticulously curated social science curriculum uses engaging and informative books to nurture self-understanding and spark a lifelong love of learning in Primary and Middle School.

Focus on building 21st-century skills

The curriculum provides students the opportunity to learn, analyse, and interpret data, assess and evaluate evidence, and develop research skills such as formulating research questions, collecting and analysing data, and effectively communicating their findings.

Active learning

Educators utilise a variety of Visible Thinking routines for active learning experiences. These include Socratic Seminars, Gallery Walks, and See-Think-Wonder activities.

Well-Equipped Science Lab

Our well-equipped Science Labs provide students with hands-on, engaging experiences that bring science learning to life. This deepens understanding, sparks curiosity, and encourages a lifelong fascination with science.


Educating The Changemakers

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