The Design Pathway at Ekya Nava Schools equips learners to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for design thinking, creativity, and problem-solving principles across various disciplines. The curriculum goes beyond aesthetics, imparting to learners the importance of designing with empathy and sustainability, making a positive impact.

The Artistree

Our art and design studio – The artistree, is a vibrant sanctuary for imagination, blending innovation with the beauty of craftsmanship. Our learners explore our gallery, where every stroke tells a story, and each creation is a masterpiece. From bespoke designs to curated collections, Artistree is where inspiration meets execution.


  • Foster creativity, empathy, sustainability, and problem-solving skills to encourage students to impact the world around them positively
  • Encourage students to explore artistic and technical aspects of design, emphasising innovation, precision, tradition, and quality.
  • Develop an eye for detail and convey ideas through visual communication principles in both digital and print formats in an engaging and informative manner.

Learning Experiences

Project-Based Learning

 Students tackle real-world design challenges through engaging projects that integrate design thinking, critical problem-solving, and empathy to apply their design skills in meaningful contexts and make a positive impact.

Exploring Diverse Design Disciplines 

Students gain hands-on experience with different materials, tools, and techniques, fostering creativity and innovation. Our young designers will create a functional prototype for a new product or explore traditional craft techniques to design solutions.

Developing Visual Communication Skills 

Effective communication is crucial for any designer. Students learn the principles of visual communication, including colour theory, typography, layout, and imagery, to create impactful messages. They experiment with various digital and print media to convey their ideas clearly and persuasively, whether it’s designing a captivating poster campaign or crafting a user-friendly interface for a digital product.

Key Strands

Industrial Design

This involves the creative and technical processes of conceptualising and developing innovative products and solutions that address user needs and market demands, fostering design thinking and problem-solving skills.

Geometric Construction and Technical Drawing

Learners can create precise and detailed representations of objects, structures, and designs for practical applications in engineering, architecture, and various technical fields

Communication Design

It is the art of visually conveying ideas, concepts, or information with clarity and impact. It encompasses principles  facilitating the creation of compelling designs for both digital and print mediums. Senior school Project-based learning immerses students in real-world design, fostering skills, mindset, and a robust portfolio

Artisanal and Craft

Collaborating closely with communities that value the meticulous use of materials, skills, and techniques, often in limited quantities, and emphasising both quality and traditional production methods


The key practices in the Design Pathway form a holistic framework for designers to navigate the complexities of the design process, ensuring a thoughtful, intentional, and impactful approach to problem-solving.


Inquire – Explore and delve into the depth of design


Critical Thinking – Unravel design complexities with a critical eye
Connect – Embrace interdisciplinarity and spark innovation
Reflect – Elevate your design with thoughtful analysis


Care – Design with empathy and make a positive impact.
Communicate – Speak the language of design with clarity and impact.
Collaborate – Synergy shines through collaborative design.
Create – Transform ideas into tangible design solutions

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