Pathway : Design

The Design Pathway at Ekya Nava Schools equips learners to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for design thinking, creativity, and problem-solving principles across various disciplines. The curriculum goes beyond aesthetics, imparting to learners the importance of designing with empathy and sustainability, making a positive impact.

The Artistree

Our art and design studio- The artistree’ is a vibrant sanctuary for imagination, blending innovation with the beauty of craftsmanship. Our learners explore our gallery, where every stroke tells a story, and each creation is a masterpiece. From bespoke designs to curated collections, Artistree is where inspiration meets execution.

Learning Experiences Include

Students tackle real-world design challenges through engaging projects that integrate design thinking, critical problem-solving, and empathy to apply their design skills in meaningful contexts and make a positive impact.

Students gain hands-on experience with different materials, tools, and techniques, fostering creativity and innovation. Our young designers will create a functional prototype for a new product or explore traditional craft techniques to design solutions.

Effective communication is crucial for any designer. Students learn the principles of visual communication, including color theory, typography, layout, and imagery, to create impactful messages. They experiment with various digital and print media to convey their ideas clearly and persuasively, whether it’s designing a captivating poster campaign or crafting a user-friendly interface for a digital product. 

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