The Quest curriculum in our Early Years Program is designed to ignite a passion for knowledge in young minds. Our program goes far beyond traditional teaching methods. We create sensory-rich and stimulating experiences, allowing students to actively participate in their learning journey. This hands-on approach ensures education becomes an exciting adventure, fostering a genuine interest in uncovering new concepts.

Learning Area Purpose

The Quest Program equips learners to:

  • Curiosity and Inquiry: We cultivate an inquisitive mindset, encouraging students to explore and ask “Why?”
  • Sensory Exploration: Through engaging activities, students learn through sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste.

Key Learning Experiences

Thoughtfully Chosen Topics

Quest topics are meticulously chosen to capture and sustain children’s interests. Each topic has clear learning outcomes and objectives, guiding students through a structured exploration. This ensures a purposeful, enriching, and standards-aligned learning experience.

Core Process Skills

Throughout the Quest program, students develop essential process skills like predicting, observing, hypothesising, and communicating. These skills are woven into our learning experiences, empowering students to navigate and understand the world with a well-rounded set of abilities.

Lifelong Love of Learning

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