At Ekya Nava, we believe physical education goes beyond regular exercise. It’s about empowering students to develop a lifelong love of movement and a foundation for overall well-being. Our program is designed to foster a lifelong love of physical activity, promoting overall well being, health, and personal growth.

Learning Area Purpose

The Physical Education Program equips learners to:

  • Develop essential physical, emotional, and social skills that transfer to all aspects of life.
  • Embrace personal responsibility for lifelong health and well-being.
  • Thrive in various sports through practical application of movement skills and strategies.

Key Learning Experiences

Strength & Conditioning

Our program emphasises proper form and technique for various exercises, developing strength, endurance, and flexibility. This strong foundation sets students up for success in all physical activities.

Skill Development

Through a variety of sports and activities, students will develop essential movement skills and strategies, building confidence and competence in their bodies.

Sportsmanship & Teamwork

We cultivate important life skills like teamwork, communication, and healthy competition through engaging games and activities.

Play, Learn, Grow

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