The Science Program is designed around a              ‘Three-dimensional approach’ to learning science. We nurture a fascination with the natural world, guiding students to explore scientific principles and phenomena. The curriculum focuses on developing a deeper understanding of science concepts, encouraging active, hands-on learning, applying concepts to solve real-world problems, and integrating science and engineering design principles and processes.

Learning Area Purpose:

The Science Program equips learners to:

  • We develop a love of exploration and scientific questioning, leading to a richer understanding of science.
  • Students engage in hands-on activities to grasp the dynamic nature of science.
  • We develop interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration skills to equip students to solve real-world problems.

Key Learning Experiences

Three-Dimensional Learning Approach

Our Science Program follows a three-dimensional learning approach, integrating Science and Engineering practices, cross-cutting concepts, and core disciplinary ideas.

Using Science Kits

Our Science Programme uses specially designed ‘Science Kits’ to promote active engagement and hands-on learning.  Students gain practical experience through experimentation and observation within the Science classroom.


Science Through Stories

In our Primary Science program, students explore engaging fiction and non-fiction stories. This helps them grasp scientific concepts and their real-world applications, while also learning about the behaviours and attitudes of scientists.

Well-Equipped Science Lab

Our well-equipped Science Labs provide students with hands-on, engaging experiences that bring science learning to life. This deepens understanding, sparks curiosity, and encourages a lifelong fascination with science.


Explore the Wonders Beyond Textbooks

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