Ekya Nava’s purpose-based education system enhances student learning by creating a hands-on environment where creativity and imagination are emphasised in addition to furthering the core curriculum.

Nava School helps develop transferable life skills through experimentation and play like problem-solving, creative ideation, collaboration, and confidence - going beyond the core curriculum.

About us

Ekya Nava equips students for a fast-changing world with the skills and resilience needed to make meaningful observations and contributions for themselves, to their families and to the world through their work and ideas.


Instilling the value of designing with empathy and sustainability for a positive impact.


Ekya Nava nurtures a 'Go beyond' spirit, empowering students to explore creativity and innovation while delving deeper into the intricacies of the making process.

Information Technology & Society

Multidisciplinary frontier technology-enabled education: AI, Blockchain, Quantum Tech, for a holistic understanding of Information Technology and Society.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Fostering creative entrepreneurs: Going beyond design, business, and ethics to foster creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit.


Industry leaders who believe in Ekya Nava’s vision and are committed to transforming the educational experience for the next generation.

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Admissions open for Montessori and Grades 1-7

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