Ekya Nava’s Mathematics Program is designed to cultivate robust math skills and develop positive attitudes. With a foundation in the Singapore Math Methodology, it ensures mastery of core concepts and nurtures critical thinking. Through clear explanations and real-world applications, students gain confidence and readiness for future challenges, equipping them with essential skills for success.

Learning Area Purpose

The Mathematics Program equips learners to: 

  • Develop strong problem-solving skills and a positive attitude toward math.        
  •  Use powerful mathematical processes to solve real-world challenges.
  • Collaborate with classmates on challenging problems and discussions.     
  • Learn why math is a vital skill for everyday life and future success.

Key Learning Experiences

Singapore Math Methodology for Grades 1-6

Our program utilises the Singapore Math Methodology’s concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach. This hands-on learning experience promotes a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, empowering students to solve problems confidently and develop a strong foundation for future success.

MLS- Math Learning Solution for Grades 1-6

Our program uses smart technology to personalise students’ learning journey. This means engaging exercises and real-world examples that fit the student’s needs, helping them truly understand and remember key concepts.

Developing a Mathematical Mind

Our program focuses on building a strong mathematical mindset. We achieve this through a structured approach that emphasises processes like problem-solving, reasoning, using heuristics, and clear communication.

Go Beyond Numbers

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