Through the Making Pathway at Ekya Nava, our learners seamlessly navigate and weave elements of the curriculum and transform imagination into tangible masterpieces. By infusing core concepts, we foster creative skills, ignite lateral thinking, and invite learners to experiment freely in our vibrant Maker’s Space.

The Makery

The Makery is a dynamic makerspace for students where curiosity meets creation. Our collaborative hub is equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources, empowering students to turn ideas into reality. From tinkering with prototypes to crafting innovations, The Makery is a haven for hands-on learning. 


  • Facilitate students to explore creative practices, innovation, and the making process with suitable materials.
  • Cultivate hands-on skills and proficiency in tools and techniques, and foster environmental awareness.
  • Foster students’ creative potential by engaging in hands-on making processes to translate ideas into tangible projects, emphasising sustainable practices.

Learning Experiences

Community Challenge Solutions

Students tackle local issues, brainstorm solutions, and build prototypes, fostering critical thinking and civic engagement.

Art Creation

Students explore cultures, using diverse materials to craft art, fostering creativity and global understanding.

Real-World Product Prototypes

Teams identify and solve problems, applying design thinking to create innovative products, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving.

Key Strands


Include hands-on processes that use tools (ex: hand and power tools), pottery, ceramics, weaving, woodworking, metalsmithing, loser cutting, 3D printing and other processes.

Tools & Techniques

Through a hands-on approach, helps students hone their skills, and master an array of tools and techniques.


Inspires students to use hard, soft and new materials to turn their creative ideas into real projects.

Sustainable Practices

Encourages students to make environmentally conscious choices, ensuring their creations have a positive impact on the planet.



Inquire – Explore creative practices, Innovation, and the making processes.


Critical Thinking – Critically examine artistic process and choices to grow and refine style

Connect – Recognise the interdependence of art and the world by exploring projects’ alignment with concepts, cultural influences, and historical contexts.

Reflect – Engage in mindful reflection to foster personal artistic growth and refine individual styles.


Core – Demonstrate responsibility and environmental consciousness by aligning artistic endeavours with sustainable practices.

Communicate – Shore insights, techniques, and support to enrich the creative process and foster collective creativity.

Collaborate – Articulate creative ideas, techniques, and inspiration behind projects to convey narrative and intention.

Create – Develop and produce tangible projects that contribute positively to the artistic landscape and the broader community

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