Pathway: Making

Through the Making Pathway at Ekya Nava, our learners seamlessly navigate and weave elements of the curriculum and transform imagination into tangible masterpieces. By infusing core concepts, we foster creative skills, ignite lateral thinking, and invite learners to experiment freely in our vibrant Maker’s Space.

The Makery

The Makery is a dynamic makerspace for students where curiosity meets creation. Our collaborative hub is equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources, empowering students to turn ideas into reality. From tinkering with prototypes to crafting innovations, The Makery is a haven for hands-on learning. 

Learning Experiences include

Students tackle local issues, brainstorm solutions, and build prototypes, fostering critical thinking and civic engagement. students engage with local challenges, brainstorm innovative solutions, and construct prototypes, nurturing essential skills in critical thinking and civic involvement.

Students explore a variety of cultures, employing diverse materials to create art, nurturing creativity, and fostering a deeper understanding of the global community.

Teams collaborate to identify and solve problems, applying design thinking to create innovative products, thereby enhancing teamwork and problem-solving skills.

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