At Ekya Nava, our fundamental curriculum embodies the ethos of practical knowledge application, deeply rooted in rigorous research and global excellence.

We uphold the highest standards while innovatively tailoring our approach to empower students to learn, think and do. Our unwavering dedication is to cultivate a paradigm-shifting learning journey far removed from rote learning and conventional assessments.

Our Pathways

At Ekya Nava, we nurture, encourage, and empower conscientious learners with a cross-disciplinary approach. In our Primary school, students explore all pathways to build a strong foundation while middle schoolers dive deeper into their chosen areas:


Our Design Pathway transcends aesthetics, instilling in students the value of designing with empathy and sustainability for a positive impact.


The Making Pathway ignites students' creativity and innovation, guiding them through the fascinating intricacies of the making process.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A dynamic journey that fuels creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, equipping students with design thinking, business principles, and ethical practices to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Information Technology and Society

This pathway explores the convergence of information and society, offering students a holistic understanding of computing systems, data analysis, networks, algorithms, programming, and the influence of digital literacy on our information-driven world, all from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Our Educational Building Blocks:


Go beyond the Montessori system with Nava Early Years! Our hands-on programs are the spark that ignites young minds, nurturing a deep love for exploration, creativity, and the joy of discovery.


Our Primary School programs invite young learners to embrace curiosity, cultivate boundless creativity, and set out on a thrilling quest for knowledge.


The Middle School Program is the vibrant crucible where critical thinking, resilience, and a passion for learning come to life, preparing students for endless possibilities.


Rooted in a holistic approach to education, the Senior School is where we equip aspiring leaders with the essential skills and knowledge to not just survive but to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Learning Opportunities

Our approach empowers your child to go beyond traditional classrooms to acquire knowledge, skills, and insights in diverse, real-world contexts, promoting lifelong growth and adaptability. We do this through thoughtfully curated opportunities such as:

Deep Dives

Experiential outbound trips

Expert talks

Field Trips

Studio-based learning




Interactive group discussions

Self-directed learning

Art & Design sprints

Performance and Reflection

We go beyond conventional assessment by evaluating not only the end results but also the journey itself. Our approach actively engages both educators and learners in the assessment process.

Furthermore, we prioritise fundamental learning objectives, recognising their importance over mere quantitative metrics. This holistic perspective on performance and reflection enriches the educational experience, creating a pathway for comprehensive growth and achievement.


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