Pathway: Information Technology and Society

The Information Technology and Society (IT & S) Pathway delves into the intersection of information and society, providing students with a holistic grasp of computing systems, data, analysis, networks, algorithms, programming, and how digital literacy influences our information-driven world through a multidisciplinary perspective. 

The Park

This dynamic pathway of Information technology and society unfolds within “The Park,” a vibrant studio space buzzing with exploration, collaboration, and critical thinking. Here, students embark on a journey to understand the intricate relationship between technology and society, equipping themselves to become responsible digital citizens and future leaders in a tech-driven world.

Learning Experiences include

Students choose a social issue and use design thinking and technological tools to develop innovative solutions that address the chosen issue. This could involve designing a mobile app, creating a data-driven awareness campaign, or building a tech-powered platform for resource sharing.

Students delve into the complex world of artificial intelligence, examining its potential benefits and risks. They learn about ethical considerations like bias, privacy, and job displacement, and explore ways to develop and use AI responsibly.

Students identify communities or individuals lacking access to technology and develop projects or initiatives to bridge the digital divide, such as organising workshops on basic computer skills, creating accessible online resources, or designing technology-based solutions for specific needs.

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