Middle School

In our Middle School Program, learners are empowered to explore, show empathy, devise real-world solutions, link back to overarching concepts, and effectively communicate their ideas.


Master the intricacies of languages (English, Choice between Hindi, Kannada, and French as second or third languages) fostering effective communication and literary exploration.


Explore the language of numbers, cultivating logical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Use a three dimensional approach to explore the wonders of the natural world, conducting experiments and developing a scientific mindset.

Social Science

Navigate historical events and societal dynamics, gaining insights into the world's interconnectedness.

Life Skills

Equip yourself with essential skills for personal growth, resilience, communication, and effective decision-making.

Physical Education

Build lifelong health goals of physical well-being, promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness.

The Pathways –  Tailor your learning journey through personalised pathways, discovering and developing your interests.

Information Technology & Society: All Middle School Students navigate the digital landscape, understanding the interplay between computers, technology and its societal impact through this pathway.

Students will explore two pathways in addition from the three pathways given


Cultivate creativity through the visual and functional aspects of design, shaping ideas into tangible expressions.


Engage in hands-on creation, transforming imaginative ideas into tangible projects through innovative making.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Foster an entrepreneurial mindset, nurturing innovation and skills to drive meaningful change through Design Thinking

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