Pathway: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation pathway is dynamic and fosters creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, where students delve into design thinking, business principles and ethical practices, preparing them to innovate and succeed in an ever-changing world.

The Garage

In The Garage, students embark on a journey of innovation, transforming concepts into viable projects. With state-of-the-art resources and an inspiring environment, it’s the epicentre for entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking ventures. In the Garage, innovation finds its home.

Learning Experiences include

This project blends design thinking, empathy, and business principles to create a real-world solution with social and environmental impact.


Students work together to create a business plan, develop a marketable product or service, and launch their own social enterprise. This experience fosters entrepreneurial skills, collaboration, and responsible decision-making while benefiting the community.


This experience puts students in the driver’s seat. Students learn leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills while promoting creativity and fostering a culture of innovation within the school environment.


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