Ekya Nava’s ‘Frame It Up’: A New Perspective on Mobile Photography for Youngsters

On the 16th of March, 2024, Ekya Nava demonstrated its dedication to innovative learning by hosting ‘Frame It Up’, a workshop that ventured into the art of mobile photography tailored for children aged 5 to 10. This engaging event served as an introduction to the fundamentals of capturing images via smartphones but also provided a fresh, creative outlet for the participating youngsters.

Beginning at 10:30 AM, the workshop transformed Ekya Nava’s campus into a dynamic studio, where the young attendees wielded their mobile phones, as gadgets, and tools of artistic exploration. The aim was to shift away from conventional education methods, focusing instead on empowering the students to document the world around them through their unique perspectives.

Through a series of interactive sessions, the children were introduced to the core aspects of mobile photography. They delved into techniques to enhance their photographic and video content, making it more appealing and expressive. This initiative was underpinned by the belief that every young learner brings a distinct viewpoint to the table, encouraging them to capture the world in their distinctive way.

‘Frame It Up’ was an invitation to break the mould of traditional education and embark on an adventure of visual storytelling. It presented an exceptional opportunity for the children to express their creativity, while simultaneously honing new skills and building self-assurance amidst a community of budding photography aficionad

As the workshop unfolded, Ekya Nava buzzed with activity, with participants eagerly exploring various corners of the campus, smartphones in hand, ready to frame their shots. The focus was not solely on the technicalities of photography but on inspiring these young minds to observe and appreciate the beauty and intricacy of their surroundings.

The event underscored Ekya Nava’s commitment to fostering an environment where creative expression and technological fluency converge, nurturing the innovative spirits of its students. ‘Frame It Up’ succeeded in sparking a passion for photography among its young participants, encouraging them to continue exploring the world through the lens of their cameras. 

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