Amidst educational critiques, how do we prepare students for tomorrow's uncertainties? Ekya Nava offers a solution. The answer lies not in the reinforcement of traditional methodologies but in the adoption of a holistic, skill-based approach that values the learner's emotional, cognitive, and physical development as much as their academic success.

 Wrap Around Program at Ekya Nava is our answer to this contemporary educational imperative. It’s founded on the principle that learning extends beyond the classroom walls, embodying a commitment to nurturing purposeful learners, innovative thinkers, confident performers, and passionate sportspersons.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive educational experience that empowers students to explore their interests, discover their unique voices, and develop a well-rounded skill set.

Our approach to community building is dynamic and diverse:

Our Wrap Around Program offers diverse sports, arts, and STEM activities, integral for holistic development before and after school hours.

These activities serve as vital pillars, nurturing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being, deeply enriching our educational framework.

Within a safe and supportive setting, we develop specialization and authentic learning experiences to empower students in their academic and personal growth.

Through certified programs, we facilitate talent exploration, skill acquisition, and expertise deepening effectively, ensuring students’ continuous growth and development.

Through this program, students gain not only a deeper understanding of their capabilities but also an appreciation for the interconnectedness of knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios. As they move forward, Ekya Nava students carry with them the tools not only to succeed in their personal and professional lives but also to contribute positively to society.

Our Dynamic Pursuits





Table tennis

Lego Robotics


Public Speaking




Design Thinking

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