The Service Learning Program at Ekya Nava seamlessly integrates academic curriculum with community service, providing a dynamic platform for students to engage in real-world issues. This initiative is pivotal in blending traditional education with civic responsibility, ensuring a holistic development journey for our learners.

The essence of the Service Learning Program is to cultivate a generation of responsible, empathetic citizens equipped to address societal challenges. Through this initiative, we foster a vibrant ecosystem where students, educators, and community members collaborate towards meaningful change.

Our program stands on four foundational pillars:

Students actively participate in diverse service projects, gaining insights into societal needs and contributing to tangible solutions.

By partnering with various organisations, we broaden the impact of our service projects, offering a richer, more varied experience for our students.

Beyond contributing to the community, students hone crucial life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving, enhancing their personal and academic growth.

A structured reflection component allows students to deeply understand the impact of their work, fostering a continuous learning mindset and a profound sense of accomplishment.

Through the Service Learning Program, Ekya Nava not only enriches the academic journey of our students but also instils the values of empathy, community engagement, and innovation. As they navigate through diverse community service projects, students develop a comprehensive understanding of societal issues and the myriad ways they can contribute to solving them.

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