Prepare your child for an extraordinary future at Ekya Nava, India’s & Asia's first K-12 School of Innovation, Creativity & Design.

A school where your child's purpose is uncovered, their creativity is nurtured, where innovation is embraced, and where they are equipped to tackle real-world challenges. With visionary educators, local and global industry mentors, cutting-edge facilities, and real-world connections, we redefine education.


We equip your child for a borderless world where their impact knows no bounds.


Our educators and industry experts guide them towards excellence.


State-of-the-art classrooms, labs and creative hubs foster boundless creativity.


We bridge the gap between education and the real world, empowering your child to thrive.


With over 30 years of educational legacy, we have served more than 20,000 students, from Montessori to Post-doctoral levels.

Progressive K-12 Schools in Bangalore across five campuses

CMR University (CMRU) is a private university in the state of Karnataka, established and governed by the CMR University Act 2013

Includes the prestigious CMR Institute of Technology, CMR Pre-University Colleges and NPS International School, Singapore

Board of Governors

Driving strategic vision and innovation in educational standards.


Industry leaders who believe in Ekya Nava’s vision and are committed to transforming the educational experience for the next generation.

Ekya Nava Campus: Where design meets distinction

At Ekya Nava, we've harnessed the transformative power of environment design to create a truly exceptional campus.

Our visionary space boasts:

Exposed Building Services

Witness the inner workings of our architectural masterpiece, where students gain insights into mechanical systems.

Cascading Atrium

A central hub of creativity and innovation.

Maker Labs

6000 sq. ft of open labs for hands-on exploration.

Design Lab

A haven for product design, art, and crafts.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Information Technology and S.T.R.E.A.M Museum.

Purpose-Designed Classrooms

Flooded with natural light and ventilation.

Creative Showcases

Corridor "shop windows" display student works.

State-of-the-Art Science Labs

For both primary and middle school.

Vertical Gardens

In senior science labs, connecting nature and education.

Sports Excellence

A 15,000 sq. ft sports arena for athletic prowess.

Multimedia Assembly Area

Where ideas take centre stage.

Futuristic Facade

Blending aesthetics with billboards, LED screens, vertical gardens, and wind mobiles.

Dining Ambiance

Indoor and outdoor student dining experiences.

AV Room

Designed for immersive learning.

Library Oasis

Featuring casual and serious reading zones, plus a digital library.

Teacher Resource Center

Empowering educators for success.

Well-Being and Counseling

Ensuring the holistic development of each student.

Early Years Exclusive Entrance

A warm welcome for our youngest learners.

Welcome to the future of learning!

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